The Sector Episode 38: What’s Next?

The Sector Episode 38: What’s Next? broadcasted on March 6th, 2015

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The Sector Episode 38: What’s Next? – Wrapping up CiTR’s Fundrive, The Big Question of the Week: Does merit matter in considering censorship? Plus, why do stupid things (like optical illusions) go viral and don’t important things (like social justice) get as big? Has society created a news cycle that’s always looking for “what’s next?” at the expense of substance and nuance? Is it insulting to compare such things like the protests in Ferguson with silly internet fads?


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Check out this special “simulcast” of The Sector and Radio Freethinker, we encourage you to support CiTR 101.9FM. Me and Don go back over some big stories and talk about why CiTR matters to us. We are also joined by station programming manager Robin Alam who tells us his story.

Show Notes:

Why Indian food is so delicious
Gizmodo on comparing Ferguson to internet fads
Prosecuting Nazi war criminals

Big Question of the Week: Does merit matter when considering censorship?

Should we be as concerned about censoring things that have little or no literary merit? Should all censorship be considered equal? Is there a difference between censoring Mark Twain and Twilight? What about Mein Kampf – does such a book add anything to public discourse by having it around?


Musical Interlude: It’s all up to you now by The Black Keys from their album Turn Blue


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