The Sector Episode 29: Civil Unrest

The Sector Episode 29: Civil Unrest broadcasted on 21-Nov-2014

Download Episode 29 Here (skip to 1:35 for start of show)



We were plagued with some more technical issues, which is why Episode 29 was delayed a bit in being posted as a podcast. However, here it is, just be sure to skip to 1:35 for the start of the show. For some reason it captured some of the previous content and I couldn’t find a way to get rid of it!

The Sector Episode 29: Civil Unrest – The social justice aspects of the Ferguson riots and the protests on Burnaby Mountain. Plus holiday giving trends, motivating others to give and rewarding employees by donating in their name. Also with another musical interlude, this time by Interpol!


Musical Interlude: Interpol playing ‘All The Rage Back Home’

Show Notes:

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