The Sector Episode 16: IRS vs CRA – Which organization wins?

The Sector Episode 16: IRS vs CRA

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IRSvsCRAThe Sector Episode 16: IRS vs CRA – Which organization wins? the IRS or the CRA?? More discussion on the Advocacy Chill and how regulators can help nonprofits! Comparisons between Canada and America when it comes to a nonprofit/charity political advocacy.

Later this week be sure to catch me on Radio Freethinker, I’ll be discussing the 100 Year anniversary of the First World War, as well as discussing the recent state of the advocacy chill! Radio Freethinker airs Tuesdays at 3pm on CiTR 101.9FM and you can download the podcast here.

Show Notes:

Big Question of the Week: Is it time to change charity laws pertaining to political activity? (Extended for another week!)

By law, charities can only devote 10% of their resources to political issues. But what defines “resources”, what defines “political” – these questions are vague and inconclusive. Perhaps it’s time to completely overhaul the system?

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