The Sector Episode 10: Organizational Culture

The Sector Episode 10: Organizational Culture

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Iceberg,_Franz_Josef_Fjord_(js)5The Sector Episode 10: Organizational Culture – News items include PETA and anti-science nonsense about milk causing autism, the new Anti-Spam Legislation – who is it for and who does it help? And The Big Question – we discuss last week’s responses and present a new Big Question for your curious minds to consider.  Plus the main topic: What is Organizational Culture and Should We Care?

Show Notes:

The Big Question of the Week: Is Canada a ‘Generous Nation?’

Ignore the facts and figures for a moment. Give us a gut reaction to the question. Do you think Canada is a generous nation? Why or why not? It could be foreign aid, it could be donation amounts, it could be the social safety net, whatever element you want to consider.

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