The Sector Episode 9: The Donor Pyramid

The Sector Episode 9: The Donor Pyramid

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donorThe Sector Episode 9: The Donor Pyramid – The Sector returns from a week off (did you miss us?) We discuss the tragic recent shooting and misogynist terrorism in America. The gun culture that exists in America but also the horrible anti-women mentality that motivated the killings, why was underreported in the news? After a musical interlude, we return to the subject of non-profits and fundraising with a discussion on the donor pyramid and… is it time to retire it?

Show Notes:

Musical Interlude:

Paul McCartney – Queenie Eye – Off his new album NEW

The Big Question of the Week: When was the last time you engaged with someone on an important belief you have, and they didn’t agree with you?

When was the last time you had an actual conversation, face to face, and had a reasonable conversation about a topic that you care passionately about but that they don’t agree with you on? How did that conversation go? Was it frustrating? Did it end well? We’re not talking about a facebook flame war or a twitter feud. This is someone you normally respect that you sat down with to have a serious conversation.

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