The Sector Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Sector

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charityOn this week’s show we are joined by special guest Don McLenaghen, from Radio Freethinker. We discuss last week’s Big Question on poverty myths and whether or not Bill Gates was right about his views on poverty and making the world a better place. We also dive into the Causes and Missions Canadians care about. How might these giving trends develop and change? This episode is a two parter where we discuss the causes and missions of nonprofits and charities. The first part took place on Radio Freethinker, check it out too! 

Show Notes:

Pitch of the Week: Open Media 

Big Question of the Week: Do Canadians need to rethink their priorities for charity?

Do Canadians have our priorities in order? There are so many potential things that we Canadians should be focused on and investing in. Should we shake up our usual giving habits?

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